Rare WW2 portable bomb shelter destined for scrapyard

By Kevin Black in Community News

This portable World War Two bomb shelter looks destined for a scrapyard.

The shelter is on the Stangrove Estate in Edenbridge and has been pulled over by vandals

It was rimarily designed for the protection of key personnel, such as air raid wardens, who were required to remain at post during a bombing raid. While not designed to withstand a direct hit, it would however protect the occupant(s) from falling walls, debris, shrapnel, incendiary devices and bullets.

Research also indicates that these shelters were used for the protection of the Royal Family.

The existence of the shelter was originally brought to the attention of Edenbridge’s Eden Valley Museum in 2014, via the Town Council. Local resident, Catherine Parish felt that there should be information placed near to or on the shelter to explain what it is.

Joan Varley of the museum proposed that the shelter should be restored and an information board provided to explain its original use during WW2 and how it came to be moved to Edenbridge.

Joan said: “It is a rare example of this type of shelter. I think this is a rare local educational resource about WW2 which could be better utilised simply by providing information about it, or indeed relocating it to a place where it can be protected.”

Despite raising the restoration, signage and possible relocation of the shelter with the Eden Valley Museum’s Executive Committee and the Edenbridge Town Council, two years have passed and no action has been taken and now the vandals have attacked it, it will be disposed of.

If you can help save the shelter email jvarley@btinternet.com

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